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Deeper Connection with the Self

August 10th-13th 2023

 3 nights and 4 days Yoga Retreat & Nature Retreat
 held in the beautiful archipelago of Southern Finland

Deepen your yoga practise

Taking time out from our daily lives, this 4 -day Yoga and Nature Retreat is an opportunity to reconnect back to nature and ourselves.


A nurturing retreat for mind, body and soul

You will be guided by two highly qualified and engaging Yoga teachers, Diana Saxberg from Finland and Lori Sjollema from Spain who will lovingly hold the space for you!

Enjoy daily yoga classes, pranayama, yoga nidra, Yogi workshop to nourish the mind, reflective contemplation, beautiful nature walks and shared moments in the Company of like minded yogis and ‘YOU’ time!

Pamper your body and soul with sauna, sea baths and sunset Palju moments.

This retreats includes:

Morning pranayama and meditation on the beautiful back cliffs of Southern Finland

Dynamic and fun, morning yoga on the naturistic terrace

Discovering your true essence through the 5 koshas (workshop)

Gentle yin yoga and yoga nidra in the evenings in our indoor yoga studio

Delicious veggie breakfast, lunch and dinner

Daily sauna, jacuzzi and swimming!

"Respond to every call that excites your spirit."

- Rumi

The time is now, to book a much needed retreat…

Villa Seasong on an island Norrkulla

Villa Seasong is located on an island called Norrkullalandet.

This beautiful island will offer you an experience in the heart of the archipelago, that you will never forget!

It is literally so far away from hustle and bustle.


The venue, Villa Seasong, is as picturesque and idyllic as the Finnish archipelago can get.

The first thing you see when arriving by boat is small red cottages peeking out from the woods, surrounded by nothing but pinewoods, blue water and cliffs.

There is a special feeling that you get when you are in the Finnish archipelago. A feeling of calmness and tranquility, that was for sure present

Freshest air on our planet , the sea and sandy beaches, hiking trail and the outdoor yoga.

Villa has lovely double rooms on the second floor and downstairs the main hall for our indoor yoga and kitchen and dining room.


Retreats allow time for reflection, prayer, or meditation. It is a profound and effective way to disconnect from your daily routine, taking time and space to tune inwards. An enriching way to cultivate awareness of self and immerse yourself in the teachings of yoga.

Retreat hosts & yoga teachers

Lori Sjollema
Founder of Yoga Marbella

Lori has devoted herself as a Yoga teacher and body Therapist for over 30 years.

She has trained extensively in various yoga traditions and influences including Vinyasa Yoga, Iyengar, Anusara and Raja Yoga.

She also shares her love and passion for Ayurvedic healing. Most of all she teaches and shares from the experience and wisdom of her own life, how to overcome traumas and stand within your own power honestly and with authenticity using the tools of Yin Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Self-understanding.

She teaches a flow-style yoga with deep respect to alignment and therapeutics.

She skillfully weaves themes through her classes so that each student experiences a journey that goes beyond moving the body and moves deep into the heart.

She has been teaching retreats & trainings globally since 18 years and her home base has been in Southern Spain where she has been teaching for the past 2 decades.

Lori is the founder of Radiant Yoga Marbella and has dedicated her heartfelt energy into making it a space for healing body, mind & spirit as well as building a strong sense of community in the Yoga world.


Diana Saxberg
Founder of Dia-Yoga

Diana is a yoga teacher and the founder of Dia-Yoga. Dia-Yoga Shala is located in the capital of Finland, Helsinki.

For the past 12 years, she has had the honor to share her passion for yoga around the world.

Diana started Dia-Yoga in Perth, Western Australia, but after 8 years she relocated her studio to her childhood neighborhood in Helsinki, Finland.
Diana has studied around the world and she has RYT-500 advanced yoga teacher training.

She has lived and studied in ashrams of India, yoga schools in Bali and Australia with some of the top teachers. Still never forgetting that she will always remain a student of yoga with an appetite to learn more.

Diana has organized yoga events and retreats for the past decade in Australia, Bali, India and Europe. With more than 30 retreats already and happy clients around the world she hopes to continue to offer yoga enthusiasts with unforgettable adventures around the globe.

Her true passion is to improve people’s quality of life, to help people find inner peace and happiness and joy through her work.
Hoping to share not only the safe asana sequence and the physical side of yoga but also the beautiful and profound wisdom that she has found in yoga philosophies and which act as a guideline in her life.
"To be able to create a community that leads a healthy and happy life. A life filled with connections, consciousness, compassion and love" that has been her goal since she started her journey as a yoga teacher.


DAY 1 ARRIVAL August 10th Thursday
      • Check-in + Arrival fresh snack: 4pm

      • Welcome circle: 5:00pm

      • Gentle yoga: 5:30-6:30pm

      • Dinner: 7pm


DAY 2 August 11th Friday

      • Pranayama & Meditation: 7:30-8:00am

      • Yoga Practice: 8am-9:30am

      • Breakfast: 9:30-10:30am

      • Nature walk: 11am-1pm

      • Free time:1pm-2pm

      • Lunch: 2pm-3pm

      • Sauna and swimming: 3pm-5pm

      • Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra: 5pm-18:30pm 

      • Dinner: 7pm 


DAY 3 August 12th Saturday

      • Pranayama & Meditation: 7:30-8:00am

      • Yoga Practice: 8am-9:30am

      • Breakfast: 9:30-10:30am

      • Discovering your essence through the 5 koshas: 11am-1pm

      • Free time:1pm-2pm

      • Lunch: 2pm-3pm

      • Sauna and swimming: 3pm-5pm

      • Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra: 5pm-18:30pm 

      • Dinner: 7pm 


DAY 4 August 13th Departure Day Sunday

      • Pranayama & Meditation: 7:30-8:00am

      • Yoga Practice: 8am-9:30am

      • Breakfast: 9:30-11:00am

      • Last sauna and swim: 11:00-2pm

      • Farewell departure: 2:30pm


More information about yoga classes


Hatha “Ha” means sun and “tha” means moon so the Hatha practice helps us to balance our “masculine” and “feminine” aspects, finding equilibrium. During the practice, you will build strength and flexibility. This asana practice cultivates focus and helps to clear the energy pathways in the body bringing it to a sense of alignment.


Yin yoga is a practice that works the connective tissues (fascia, ligaments, tendons and bones) of the body. It is a soft and passive practice that requires slowing down so we can surrender the body to gravity and enter a state of self-inquiry and contemplation. It is an asana, and meditation practice all rolled into one, that helps to release and clear the energy pathways of the body.


Sometimes called the Yogi Sleep. Yoga Nidra counteracts stress and helps provide effective relief from depression and long-standing anxiety. It is an efficient way to obtain sleep. It helps clear the mind for learning and absorbing new material. Releases tension between body and mind and helps prepare for mediation practices. It is profoundly rejuvenating and helps with concentration and focus.

Discovering your essence through the 5 Koshas

The five koshas are the pathway to the deepest layers of ourselves. When we embark upon any journey to and through ourselves, we are taking a journey through these layers of existence. Each of these layers is seen as a veil that has been created for us to develop deeper understanding, to examine, and ultimately to transcend as we find our way back to our truest Self.


A retreat can either be a wonderful time of solitude or a community experience.

An enriching way to cultivate awareness of self and immerse yourself in the teachings of yoga.

Prices per person:

Single accommodation ensuite

695 €

Shared accommodation ensuite

510 €

The booking fee of €180 must be paid within a week of booking.

For bookings and details:

For more information or to book your spot, contact:

WhatsApp: +358403601475 or

WhatsApp: +34 639 845 185

Price include:

  • Transportation by ferry from mainland to the island and back

  • Accommodation in a beautiful Villa Seasong, with fully equipped rooms

  • Vegetarian breakfast, lunch & dinner

  • Yoga twice a day and ayurvedic workshop

  • Sauna and hot tube.


"Every class with Diana is absolutely amazing! Her beautiful personality, technique and enthusiasm makes her a truly incredible yoga teacher.

Dia Yoga is the reason why I have come to love yoga so much!

I would highly recommend her classes to people of all ages and experience."

— Laura


"Yoga is now a part of my life everyday purely because of Diana's way of teaching with such knowledge, enthusiasm, dedication. Taught with love, care and encouragement.

From beginners to advanced in all forms with such mind , body and soul connection that each individual can grow easily at their own pace,at any level, in a way that you feel comfortable throughout your journey. "

— Michelle


I had a great time with the whole retreat experience. From the incredible vegan food to the daily yoga with Lori and the workshops with all the tools for a healthy lifestyle, it was simply wonderful. Not to mention the talks and laughters with a lovely group of people. We came as strangers but left as friends"

- Rania

IMG_7216 – kopio.jpg

This retreat was transformational for me! I have gone home much healthier with an Aryuvedic approach to eating and living, loving what I have learnt and adopting yoga into my daily routine. What a wonderful group of intelligent strong and funny woman. Cant wait for the next one.


IMG_3766 – kopio.jpg

Arriving from abroad

Coming from abroad, you would fly into Helsinki and take a uber or bus to Kalstrand (Kalkkiranta), Sipoo.where the boat harbour to the island of Norrkullalandet and Villa Seasong is located.

Finland is called the land of a thousand lakes and also known for its enchanting forests, a truly natural splendour.

This beautiful island will offer you an experience in the heart of the archipelago, that you will never forget! It is literally so far away from the hustle and bustle of "normal life"!

1. Vastuuvapautus

Osallistuja osallistuu retriitille omalla vastuullaan ja huolehtii itse omasta tapaturmavakuutuksestaan. Tapahtuman järjestäjä ei ole vastuussa osallistujalle tai hänen omaisuudelleen mahdollisesti aiheutuvasta haitasta.

Ohjelma on suunniteltu liikuntakykyiselle ja terveelle ihmiselle. Osallistuja ilmoittautuu ja osallistuu tapahtumaan vapaaehtoisesti tiedostaen harjoitusten yleiset riskit. Osallistuja on tietoinen ja ymmärtää, että ohjaaja ei ole terveydenhuollon ammattilainen, eikä hän voi antaa arviota osallistujan terveydentilasta tai harjoittelun riskeistä juuri hänen kohdallaan. Osallistujan tulee itse konsultoida lääkäriä mahdollisista riskeistä hänen kohdallaan. 

Tapahtuma on suunniteltu hyvinvoinnin tukemiseen eikä ole psyykkisen tai fyysisen sairauden hoitamista. Se ei sovellu akuutissa vaikeassa elämäntilanteessa olevalle tai mielenterveysongelmista kärsiville. Myös osallistumisesta raskauden aikana suosittelemme konsultoimaan lääkäriä, mikäli epäilet soveltuvuutta.


2. Peruutusehdot

Peruutuksista ilmoitetaan tapahtuman järjestäjälle kirjallisesti, sähköposti:



Retriittien (yön yli kestävät tapahtumat) kohdalla sitova ilmoittautuminen tarkoittaa sitä, että mikäli osallistuja peruu osallistumisensa hänen tulee maksaa peruutusmaksuna varausmaksu.. Varausmaksu veloitetaan peruutuksen syystä riippumatta.

Mikäli osallistuminen perutaan alle 7 vrk ennen tapahtuman alkua, veloitetaan peruutusmaksuna 50 % osallistumismaksun kokonaissummasta. Halutessaan osallistuja voi vaihtaa tilalleen toisen henkilön.

Mikäli peruutus tapahtuu osallistujan yllättävän sairastumisen vuoksi, osallistuja maksaa ainoastaan varausmaksun/peruutusmaksun, mikäli hän osoittaa sairautensa järjestäjälle sairaslomatodistuksena. Sairaslomatodistus on esitettävä järjestäjälle 3 vrk sisällä peruutuksesta. 

Peruutuksesta sairastumisen johdosta tulee ilmoittaa järjestäjälle mahdollisimman pian, viimeistään ennen tapahtuman alkua. Mikäli osallistuja jättää ilmoittamatta tai ei esitä sairaslomatodistusta järjestäjälle, osallistuja on velvollinen maksamaan tapahtuman täysimääräisesti. Erimielisyydet pyritään selvittämään neuvottelemalla.



Retriitit, joissa osallistuja maksaa täyshoidon (majoitus ja ruoka) suoraan palvelun tuottajalle (retriittipaikka)!

Osallistujan oikeuteen peruuttaa matka sovelletaan sopimusta yleisistä matkapakettiehdoista (1.7.2018). Mikäli osallistuja peruuttaa täysihoidon 7-3 vrk ennen retriittiä, pidätämme peruutusmaksuna 75% täysihoidon hinnasta. Mikäli peruutus tehdään alle 3 vrk ennen retriittiä, pidätämme peruutusmaksuna 95% täysihoidon hinnasta. Jos osallistuja ei saavu paikalle ja jättää peruuttamatta täysihoidon, oikeutta maksun palautukseen ei ole. Suosittelemme matkavakuutuksia esim. äkillisten sairastapausten varalta. Mikäli retriitti joudutaan perumaan talon puolesta (force majeure), palautamme kaikki maksut.



Järjestäjällä on oikeus peruuttaa tapahtuma ylivoimaisen esteen (force majeure) tai vähäisen osallistujamäärän vuoksi. Tästä ilmoitetaan osallistujille viipymättä. Järjestäjä ei ole velvollinen korvaamaan peruutuksesta ilmoittautuneelle mahdollisesti aiheutuvia kuluja, kuten matkalippuja. Osallistujan mahdollisesti maksamat maksut palautetaan tässä tilanteessa täysimääräisenä.

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