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"Yoga studio Dia Yoga has been running yikes for a year, with founder Diana Madisson ecstatic to spend time sharing her two passions—yoga and hiking. You get a bit of strengthening and cardio thanks to the hiking up hills, while incorporating short meditations into the breaks allows you to focus on breathing techniques and calm the mind and body" 

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"Teaching yoga as a way of life: DIA yoga!

The Yanchep resident, who described herself as “a dreamer, a smiler, bit goofy and an optimist”, has set up Dia Yoga 12 years after she started studying the discipline.

About me:

I'm an Estonian, but I have lived all my life in Finland. For 8 years I lived in Australia, where I started my business Dia-Yoga. 2019 I moved back to Finland and continue to run Dia-Yoga in Helsinki.


My path of yoga started 2003 in Finland. At Ashtanga Yoga Helsinki, with the guidance of internationally known ashtangi Petri Räisänen. 

I have practised Astanga, Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Iyengar, Bikram, Yin and Restorative Yoga in different yoga studios around the world, but Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga are the styles of yoga I practice the most. 


In 2006, I travelled around India, volunteering. This is where I truly found the deeper meaning of yoga. I decided to take my love of yoga further in 2012. I went back to India and graduated in Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Training at the Himalaya Yoga Valley. I successfully completed 200 H and became qualified to teach traditional Ashtanga yoga with Iyengar alignments, Meditation, Chanting and Pranayama. 

Whilst studying I had the honour to be a student of Yogacharya Lalit. Lalit Kumar is the Founding Director of Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre and the Honorary Secretary for International Yoga Federation for Ireland and Dharamsala. 


My hunger for knowledge and my curious nature drove me to develop my practice futher.  October 2014  I graduated from ASI (Academy of surfing instructors), Australia, as a stand up paddle board instructor and stand up paddle board yoga teacher. I worked 2015 for Elemental SUP, teaching classes on Swan River.

In December 2014 I graduated from Santosha Yoga School in Bali as a pre- & postnatal, kids and teens yoga teacher training. 


December 2016, I studied and graduated as advanced yoga teacher in a stunning and highly disciplined ashram in Mysore, India. Building up my 500 hours, with legendary teachers Krishna Chaitanya and Swami Prabodh Chaitanya.



My passion and love towards yoga is limitless. All the knowledge and strength, balance and peace, light and happiness it has given me is indescribable. It has healed me when I have been sick, it has brought me serenity and calm in the middle of the tornados of life.

I reach out for people who want to join me on the journey towards harmonized, healthy and peaceful lifestyle. 


Being a yoga teacher has been my calling and to share the gift of yoga, to help people heal their minds and bodies... this is the fulfillment of my dreams. It is my Dharma, my purpose!


I am a dreamer, a smiler and an outdoorsy goofy.

I wish to bring smiles and joy to my classes, give my students a moment away from their daily routines, a new experience, a positive mind and energy to nurture their own well being. 


My classes are always a bit different and challenging in a playful way. My classes are a mixture of my nature and what I have learnt throughout the years.. My approach to yoga is playful, flowing with integrity and challenges, yet soothing.


It is important for me to see every student as an individual, so I can help them to listen to their own body and step out of their comfort zone. I really want to invest in my student’s demands. I like to put effort in planning and in the execution of my classes. This will help suit the theme and the needs of the students, but I also trust my intuition and might go with the flow, and change the lesson part way through if I feel the needs of my students are not being met by the lesson planned. 


The greatest gift I can receive from my student is a genuine joy. One of my biggest goals is to teach my students how to take their yoga off the mat, living with compassion and presence, towards themselves and others, 


My teachers have been my Gurus on my path and from the bottom of my heart I would like to thank them. 

I would like to thank India for the gift of yoga. 

Last but not least I want to thank my students, for teaching me, for being my inspiration, my friends. Thank you for all the big smiles you put on my face every day xx


“I am first and foremost a student and I recognize all beings and nature as my teachers”. 

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