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Sun Sea & Yoga


The Maverick Surfvillas, Lourinhã, Portugal

Unelmiesi jooginen aktiiviloma odottaa sinua!

Rentoutuminen, hyvinvointi ja seikkailu! Tämä retriitti on ainutlaatuinen kokemus, joka yhdistää joogaretriitin fyysiset ja henkiset hyödyt, aktiiviloman harrastusmahdollisuudet sekä kulttuuriloman kauniit nähtävyydet. Yhteisöllisyyttä, palautumista ja ikimuistoisia hetkiä unohtamatta.  

"Atlantin sylissä lepäävä Portugali hurmaa huomattavasti puhtaammilla vesillään, omintakeisella luonteellaan, historianaarteillaan sekä häkellyttävän upeilla maisemillaan. Kun tähän lisätään vielä tuorettakin tuoreemmat merenantimet ja kaihoisa fado-laulu, on peli selvä. Portugali on Euroopan kiehtovin matkakohde, jonka charmi puraisee lähtemättömästi.



Dia-Yoga will take you on an unforgettable yoga and cultural holiday in Andalucia, Spain. ​


Spend six days in my favorite city, Torremolinos. Just 10 minutes from Malaga.


We will stay at the picturesque Villa Panorama. This luxury villa was once built to this absolutely breathtaking spot the best for the Swedish Embassy.

Views over the Malaga and mediterranean sea, all the way to the snowy mountains of Sierra Leone, flower gardens and patios. A heated pool and jacuzzi. Large indoor and outdoor yoga areas and a mini golf course invite you to spend the most relaxing holiday.

This yoga retreat combines the best aspects of a perfect holiday!

We will be focusing on our wellbeing with the help of daily yoga  practise, hike in the hills, on the beaches and get to know the local culture on the day trips. ​ 


​I myself live during the winters in Torremolinos with my family because I fell in love with the energy of the city, the well-being-prioritizing lifestyle that is filled with spanish culture, kindness and joy.


We will connect with oneself, with our fellow yogis, without forgetting to rest and restore, by the poolside or on one of the many stunning terraces of the villa. 

There will be yoga classes twice a day. Morning practise will be strengthening and energising and evening yoga will be relaxing and restorative.


We will have wonderful day trips to most beautiful cities of Andalucia. Enjoying ourselves in the picturesque Malaga and Marbella beaches and old towns.

This retreat is designed primarily for deep mental and physical relaxation
Opportunity to explore Spanish culture
Heal yourself
Find lifelong friendships

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1st day

  • 2 pm Check in to the Villa

  • 3 pm Snacks at the pool

  • 4 pm Opening ceremony

  • 5 pm Yin yoga and yoga nidra 90 min

  • 7 pm Dinner

  • Time at the pool and in jacuzzi

Regular day on the retreat: 

  • 7.30 am Tea, coffee and fruits

  • 8 am Meditation and yoga 90 min

  • 9.30 am Breakfast

  • 10 am till 5 pm Day trips to Torremolinos, Malaga, Marbella,

  • 5.30 pm  Yin yoga and guided mediation

  • 7.30 pm Dinner

  • 10 pm time for bed


Final day

7 am Tea, coffee and fruits

7.30 am Morning meditation and yoga

9.30 am Breakfast

12 am Closing ceremony



To embrace a healthy lifestyle we promote a pesco-lacto-vegetarian diet consisting of pure, simple, natural foods which promote health. Two meals, inspired by the Mediterranean diet will be provided daily. All our produce, where possible, is seasonal and locally sourced.





Every class with Diana is absolutely amazing! Her beautiful personality, technique and enthusiasm makes her a truly incredible yoga teacher. Dia Yoga is the reason why I have come to love yoga so much! I would highly recommend her classes to people of all ages and experience.


Not being the most flexible person in the class I was hesitant to join but I'm so glad I did , Diana encourages you challenge yourself to only where you feel most comfortable. There's no pressure expectations or competition. Her classes are motivating energising and she has the most beautiful inspirational attitude that it's even worth just going to class to watch her flow


Diana is a natural teacher, she is so knowledgeable and caters for every person in her classes. Through her guidance and words of wisdom I can feel my practice becoming better. On top of that, Diana is a wonderful person. She spreads positivity and joy and I leave every class with a smile on my face!! Dia Yoga is the reason I, now, can't imagine my life without yoga in it!

About Diana

Diana is a yoga teacher and the founder of Dia-Yoga. Dia-Yoga Shala is located in the capital of Finland, Helsinki.

For the past 12 years, she has had the honor to share her passion for yoga around the world.

Diana started Dia-Yoga in Perth, Western Australia, but after 8 years she relocated her studio to her childhood neighborhood in Helsinki, Finland.
Diana has studied around the world and she has RYT-500 advanced yoga teacher training.

She has lived and studied in ashrams of India, yoga schools in Bali and Australia with some of the top teachers. Still never forgetting that she will always remain a student of yoga with an appetite to learn more.

Diana has organized yoga events and retreats for the past decade in Australia, Bali, India and Europe. With more than 30 retreats already and happy clients around the world she hopes to continue to offer yoga enthusiasts with unforgettable adventures around the globe.

Her true passion is to improve people’s quality of life, to help people find inner peace and happiness and joy through her work.
Hoping to share not only the safe asana sequence and the physical side of yoga but also the beautiful and profound wisdom that she has found in yoga philosophies and which act as a guideline in her life.
"To be able to create a community that leads a healthy and happy life. A life filled with connections, consciousness, compassion and love" that has been her goal since she started her journey as a yoga teacher.


Prices per person

980€/ shared room

 1180€/ single room 



Accomodation in Villa Panorama for 6 days/5 nights

Fully equipped rooms, with linen and towels

Yoga twice a day at the villa

Excursions to Malaga, Torremolinos and Marbella

Delicious breakfast and dinner by Finish restaurateurs in our villa.


Not included: 


 Airport transportation (around 7 -10e from airport to the villa)

 Travel insurance

Lunch (due to different restaurant choices on our day trips)




Non-refundable booking fee: 250 € in two weeks from reservations

Final payment on 1st of september

You can also pay in installments

Book your spot and ask for extra information:


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